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Our vision is to be the best alkaloid company, supplying Narcotic Raw Materials to the world.


Customer service is a priority so we are pleased to have this opportunity to tell you about our company. Tasmania may appear far away, however, with the benefit of modern communications and transport; we can service world markets from our home base with the minimum of delay.

A worldwide network of distributors and agents has been established to provide prompt and efficient local service for all of our customers.

Tasmanian Alkaloids is a fully-integrated manufacturer of controlled substances providing medicinal opiates from patented poppy varieties grown on the farms of Tasmania. The people of this enterprise, at the factory and on the farms, are committed to the highest quality standards and good manufacturing practice. We are committed to ensuring that our long-term business partners receive a fully reliable supply of our product.

Living and working in the clean and natural environment of Tasmania endows special obligation on our company to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We are dedicated to making quality products in a clean, safe and reliable industry. Poppies grown in Tasmania provide the renewable natural raw material and waste streams are recycled to enrich the resource.

We invite you to read about our operations and to be part of our worldwide customer partnership.