Research & Development

Research & Development

Our experienced scientists conduct work in a variety of areas – from plant breeding to final product crystallisation. The result is improved productivity for the whole industry; from primary production through to manufacturing.

Agricultural Research & Development

Scientists working in Agricultural Research and Development employ a wide variety of approaches to understand and enhance alkaloid production in the poppy plant.

Greater understanding of the factors controlling production has resulted in world record alkaloid yields in commercial crops. This coupled with the development of alkaloid specific varieties, continues to offer maximum productivity to our farmers and manufacturing facility to service our customers’ needs.

In addition to ongoing research into poppy genetics and breeding methods, work is undertaken on crop nutrition, crop husbandry and crop protection. Greater knowledge of our subject means we can advise farmers on the best strategies for enhancing crop production in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Chemical and Analytical Research & Development

Our Chemical Research and Development and Analytical Services teams work to develop safe, efficient processes to our world-best narcotic raw materials. The group also works to expand and understand the use of our products to prepare active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our expertise in this field ensures we are able to anticipate and aid our customer’s needs.

All our processes, products, and test methods are designed to the highest world-quality standards. Our processes are investigated in detail to define the key and critical parameters, which ensure a consistent and tightly defined product to the customer’s desired specifications. Similarly, our analytical methods are developed using the latest analytical techniques, ensuring a full characterisation and detailed understanding of our products. Our analytical test methods are developed, validated and available for transfer.

In accord with our foundation of a sustainable agricultural industry, all processes are designed with paramount consideration given to protection of the environment and the minimisation of waste.