Tasmania - Australia's Island State

Tasmania - Australia's Island State


Located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, 42 degrees south of the Equator, the island of Tasmania is the southern-most state of Australia.

Winds known as the “Roaring Forties” ply the west coast of the island. Originating in the Atlantic Ocean and blowing unhindered over the breadth of the Indian Ocean, these winds bring with them the world’s cleanest air and purest rains.

In this pristine environment some of the world’s oldest living flora and fauna are found. A significant portion of Tasmania is protected as national parks, forest reserves and with World Heritage classification.

Thanks to the natural advantages afforded by this “untouched” environment, quality products from our island easily find a home in the world’s most selective markets.

The rich, fertile soils; a maritime, temperate climate; and the availability of irrigation to supplement natural rainfall, make Tasmania the best place in the world for growing poppies.

This is the home of Tasmanian Alkaloids.