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Our Products and Services

We have a stable product offering which continues to evolve in line with our customer needs. Including Alkaloid Raw Materials, Cannabis Full Plant Extracts, Cannabis Isolates and API's.


On-site optimisation of plant biosynthetic pathways.


Commercialisation of agricultural cultivation, both using onsite and broadacre.

Extraction & Purification

On-site kilogram to greater than 40 tonnes per day biomass extraction scale. Purification and synthesis capabilities.


On-site formulation, bottling and packaging.

Analytical & RFS

On-site analytical method development, stability, in-process, finished product testing and release for supply services.


Tasmanian Alkaloids has been granted all required Office of Drug Control and Therapeutics Goods Administration licences and associated permits necessary to conduct these activities.

We offer multiple Product and Service options, from innovative agricultural R&D through to the production of Dry Flower, Full Plant Extract, Isolates and release of GMP finished product.

Cannabis products include but are not limited to;

  • Full Plant Extract
  • Bulk Oil
  • Isolates

We offer a fully customised contract manufacturing cannabis service over the entire supply chain including seed, propagation, cultivation, extraction, purification, formulation, analytical services and release for supply activities.

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Alkaloid Raw Materials (ARM)

We produce and offer a number of “alkaloid raw materials” in the form of concentrated poppy straw. These are extracted from our patented poppy “Papaver somniferum” chemotypes and include:

  • Thebaine
  • Codeine
  • Oripavine
  • Noscapine
  • Morphine

We are also capable of producing APIs and Intermediates derived from our alkaloid raw material.

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Speciality Ingredients

We continue to innovate to expand our range of botanical extraction offerings. We have a range of Specialty Ingredients, customised botanical extraction capabilities and synthetic manufacturing services so as to meet customer product requirements and specifications.

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